HE SMOKED ME! | Riding Copper Canyon in Mexico

Our first mountain biking stop in Mexico is Copper Canyon Adventure Park! Perched on the edge of the canyon, this gondola assisted park looks over one of the deepest canyons in the world! While there we ride Ruta Panorámica and Ruta El Lomo!

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  1. Esta buena la traducción, me entretuvo bastante, es genial ver la perspectiva de otros en otro idioma, más videos así ❤️

  2. That kid rips. I will never complain about my brand new bike and tires again. I hope you kicked him down some extra gear you had floating around.

  3. el clasico camino romano de serpetear la montaña, siempre es mejor que bajar xDD, y andar subiendo.

  4. Luis out here representing for the Huffy Community . Wallmart just sold hella bikes with this video.

  5. Imagine giving some dirt poor third world country like an African country unlimited money to their athletes like the US does to theirs to train for as many years as possible to aspire to become the best athletes in the world, they would just crush everything in their path, I've always imagined that 👌
    The US even with unlimited money doesn't have the best athletes in the world 😂

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