Good Night Keaton – Next To Mexico (feat Mereki) – OFFICIAL VIDEO

(remixes by Mighty Mouse, Yolanda Be Cool and Neighbour)

Chookie 002

“Next To Mexico”
feat Mereki

Director: Jake Gibson
Cinematographer: Ben Kitchens
Producer: Emmanuelle George

hello [at] chookiemusic [dot] com


  1. great video and tune. have listened to the yolanda be cool remix since release. a shame this project never took off. i also love the kitsune release from good knight keaton. shit happens and talented artists abandon the project (see: Giant during the '10-'11 dubstep boom with rusko playing unreleased party starter to thousands)

  2. Here are the Lyrics
    NEXT TO MEXICO lyrics

    I wanted escape from
    all the animals
    I want and i need to
    take my things and run
    for the sun

    couldn't turn left
    Cause i knew it wasn't forward   
    i couldn't turn right
    cause i need to find my home
    I'll find my real place on the shore 

    And I wanted an island next to mexico

    I thought i could sail off 
    to another home
    i thought i could stray 
    and walk the streets unknown

    I would not parade but
    I need walk alone NOW 
    I  would not parade but
    I'm sleepING ON MY OWN 

    I only sleep to get away from now

    And I wanted an island next to mexico

    I could not escape oh

    Now I'm coming home

    And I wanted an island next to mexico

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