1. Gino never lost his voice or his gorgeous looks. He is diffently a man of many talents. I have loved him forever. Please Gino come back to Cleveland Ohio so l can see you in the front row please 🙏🙏😘😘💋💋.

  2. The incomparable Maestro Gino Vannelli; my "Earth God of Music" since "Crazy Life." I love you Gino, your exquisite, unequalled voice, every poetic lyric & gorgeous note you've ever written & performed… & ever will.
    💕 💕 💕

  3. Wow. I sure enjoyed this video. Thanks for posting. Gino is so cool, and so talented. The band is awesome!

  4. Estuve ahí disfrutando a mi Gino en el Teatro Metropolitan. 😊☺❤😘😊💜💙💛

  5. I wish Gino had his vibrato back. I took off 20 yrs to get mine out of training again. Now I'm original, thank God.

  6. Sounds like the crowd is saying Selena, Selena….I miss Selena Quintenellia Perez. We lost her too soon.

  7. Gino puts a grand ole Opry yodel at the end of his lines, living inside myself…also in brother to brother. Actually it's a vocal rest or reliever in lieu of vibrato which can be taxing. I know it well. We are the same age and I sang pro beginning on radio at 7 years old with my family. I was low alto, but only moms training…do it or else…Gospel..and I love Gino and brothers.

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