France 0 x 2 Mexico ● 2010 World Cup Extended Goals & Highlights HD

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  1. Que bueno que en ese partido no jugo ochoa porque hubiéramos perdido ya que ochoa deja mucho que desear como portero es un buen portero pero no para selección mexicana

  2. I'll always remember this game when Mexico scores the second goal, french commentator said "This is the end!" but every frenchy knew he wasn't talking about the game, not even the world cup.

    When Mexico scored the second goal, it was the end of an era, where we thought our team still had the 1998 spirit and quality, where we thought our individualies were far superior anyway, it was the end of the 2006-10 period where we were looking for a new breath based solely on precocious post-98 talents.

    This game was the end, but also a beginning. This is where you find the grassroots of the 2018 french world champion.

    As a french, that makes me like this game, that makes me like seeing Lloris as a poor defeated goalie, knowing that 8 years later, he's on top of the world, and 11 years later, he's the most decorated captain in French history.

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