Flock of birds suddenly fall from the sky in Mexico

Security footage captured the moment a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds suddenly dropped from the sky on a street in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua — but the reason behind the mysterious fall remains unclear.


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  1. Lmao at the plane comment. If it was a plane that close to that many birds, that plane ain’t flyin no more.

  2. Well I heard they buy birds from the DNR and release them “wild” for a price of course

  3. Likely a predator bird attack from above, and they all stayed in formation when a few dove down to avoid it. This is the most likely explanation.

  4. People acting like 5G doesn't fuck shit up never seen 2,000 yellow headed black birds plummet to the motherfucking ground. But I'm really happy that you're all able to load your foot fetish reddit pages a millisecond faster at the risk of messing up our little animal friends' internal GPS. THANKS OBAMA or should I say THANKS SLEEPY JOE because you know the Dems are behind 5G just like they're behind pizza gate which reminds me that domino's has a sweet two for 5.99 deal and that cheesy bread will almost make you forget that the Dems are trading kids like Pokemon cards. Keep your eyes in the skies people because half them birds are fake anyway

  5. She needs a teleprompter or her natural stupidity is there to be heard. Boobs over brains right?

  6. Probably some sort of whistel or high frequency sound was there or used due to which crash landing happened. 🤔

  7. When birds fly in flock they follow the leader, sometimes the leader lost the sense of direction crash into the ground and bring the flock with it. Too easy to explain this phenomenal

  8. It's like god took a bucket of birds and just threw them onto the Earth. Their movement defies how gravity works. Was there bizarre wind movements on this day or a storm? These are BIRDS. Birds don't move like that.

  9. Three words: birds aren't real. These government surveillance devices were clearly malfunctioning. For what reason I'm unsure, but I'd love to see the footage from these drones.

  10. how dumb for the media think people are that toxic fumes would effect a large ass flok of birds? that's either a microwave signal or something magnetic knock them out.

  11. here’s what I think happened…all these birds were on a electric wire (those electrical lines) which caused the line to get too heavy to the point where it “snapped” or shocked them which caused some birds to get electrocuted and plunge to they’re death as some were able to fly away due to not being affect (don’t come and me it’s just a opinion on what I think happened)

  12. It looks like judgement being poured onto the world. Imagine if there were people walking there at the moment, they would think it’s judgment falling upon them.

  13. Just an accident in flight by the birds due to flocking behavior and one which rarely happens and probably never seen before.

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