First Night Camping ALONE in my Truck in Mexico

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After seeing my friends in Tulum, I took on the challenge of finding a spot that would be off-the-beaten-path in the heart of Mexico’s most popular tourism destination.

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  1. I have a spoon of fish oil every morning … have done it on and off for 20 years, don't really remember how it started lol

  2. It is a pity that you were unable to overcome that Hollywood/Fox News image of México, which you had from second one that you spend on Mexican ground. I saw that in every video you posted while traveling through the country you were trapped in that absurd fear of something bad and "uniquely Mexican" that was "supposed to happen to you". I Saw your videos and you were looking over your shoulder every 5 seconds, suspecting of everyone and everything, with fear all over your face all the time because something terrifying that was going to violet you was a certainty in your bias mind, right? But that ugly, nasty thing never, ever actually happened to you,, did it? No, and yet, you manage to perpetuate and reenforce that idea of México being dangerous and mortal in every place and in every moment for tourists… right? (I imagine bad things does not happen in your country, ever?) People say you were "brave" for traveling alone in this country… well let me tell you that millions of Mexican woman, of all ages, live here and go about their every day life happy, safely and proudly, something you could have noticed if you had taken a few minutes outside your false "scary" and artificial image of México and actually get to known it's people, wildly tagged as kind and gentile among other you-tubers that actually took the time and effort to know us and were strong enough to get rid of those exaggerated rumors about the country. What a pity really, you could have had an amazing time here.

  3. You've got a whole car with windows, why do you kip enclosed in a tent that the wind moves and no visibility Eva!

  4. You should just enter like all the other illegal immigrants. Why do it the right & legal way. Biden & his administration should be jailed for not enforcing our laws.

  5. I guess am a bit too cautious cause am with a van not a 4×4 with a tent on top but I always have an eye on the windy app, just to make sure I don't end up in strong winds without realizing it, or not to be scared off in case there is a bit of winds for an hour or so but then it will die down.

  6. I wish you spoke more about the seaweed problem. I was just in Mexico for 10 days and was sad we only got 1.5 days in the ocean. I had no idea about the seaweed problem…

  7. that's the way of Nature adventure, that was the perfect spot, the spot of your dreams, but, at the same way a nightmare to fall sleep… keep it happened all is an adventure!

  8. I also almost got hit in the head by a coconut which had fallen from a tree in Puerto Escondido Mexico. It missed my head and hit my shoulder. It hurt so incredibly bad. Turned out I seriously bruised my shoulder enough to where I could not backpack for the rest of my trip. Took about a month to fully heal

  9. I’m going to start using the Outlander app to find off road camping areas like these. I just hope it also works in other countries

  10. Land Rovers are not common in North America so load any parts you might need before you go somewhere remote.

  11. I see you travel all over the world so I was wondering if you ever considered travel in Canada?
    There are lots of beautiful and amazing places to visit and enjoy.

  12. This is Jaguar country, very powerful energy! Thanks for cleaning up, Eva. So important to enjoy nature, but not pollute it. Curious to see where you go next. xx

  13. I hate those sand burs!! Popped many a bike tire with those buggers! Love your vids always so fun and peaceful to watch!

  14. I thought for a moment you were going to use the olive oil for “oil pulling” which is an ancient Indian practice to keep your teeth and gums healthy. I mix cold pressed sunflower oil or olive oil with a drop of Tea Tree oil and swish it around in my mouth for 20 minutes, a few times a week. I spit out the oil however. Love your channel!

  15. Eva,siempre busca las carreteras y lugares más seguros para tus trayectos y campamentos.

  16. It’s an interesting choice to sleep on top of the vehicle instead of in it. Definitely more subject to the elements lol.

  17. That beach reminds me of some empty beaches I walked on in Puerto Rico on the western edge, windy but just me and the sand. Beautiful.

  18. Hook up with Taylor from Taylors travels she is in Mexico too on a Vespa I think.I reckon you two would get on great.

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