Extended Highlights: Mexico 3-0 Honduras – Gold Cup 2021

🎥 Resumen: 🇲🇽 México selló su pase a las semifinales de #CopaOro21 con una victoria por 3-0 ante 🇭🇳 Honduras en Arizona. #EstoEsNuestro


  1. La Falta de respeto a los Hondureños de los Mexicanos es muy obvio aquí. Muy apenas miras alguien aquí que dice; “Animo Hondureños”, o “Échele ganas HERMANOS”. Puro orgullo y echándole a los Hondureños para abajo. Pero échenle Ganas TODOS LOS EQUPOS HISPANOS/LATINOS.

  2. Lets give the Mexicans credit they totally out played the Hondurans
    However there is a much downplayed issue going back to there first Group stage match
    against Trinidad & Tobago, who held them to a goal less draw.
    Homophobic Chants by the Mexican Fans cause they seem to be frustrated that there
    team couldn't hammer the Soca Warriors with many Goal.
    Referee Ricardo Montero had caused to stop the game on (3) occasions.
    On the FIFA side of it they just issued a slap on the wrist (2) Home games of the 2022 World Cup Qualifier games without fans, really
    Points should have been deducted from the Team also, to send a Serious message to Team Fans that there are consequences to there foolish actions.
    Come on FIFA it's time to wake up…..
    When are we going to see similar message methods driven out on the side of a Remote Controlled SUV. With the match ball like in the Euros…..

  3. Selección A de México 3 selección B de Honduras más bajas por lesión y Covid, 0 sinceramente hasta mucho hizo Honduras, ayer debió meter el bus atrás, no tenía equipo para jugar de tu a tu a México, hay nos vemos en la eliminatoria ya con la verdadera selección de Honduras.

  4. The Gold Cup is honestly so boring. I always root for teams like Honduras to break the Mexico—USA hegemony, but it almost never happens. CONCACAF also makes sure they're ALWAYS on opposite sides of the bracket, so even if one of them gets knocked out early, the other just ends up winning the whole thing. The gap in class is just too enormous. And since Qatar is sloppy at the back, Canada is wasteful at the front and the US is playing with a glorified B-squad, we already know who's going to win.

    Sidenote: I really miss Mexico's green jerseys.

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