Extended Highlights: Mexico 2-1 Canada – Gold Cup 2021

🎥 Resumen: 🇲🇽 México superó a 🇨🇦 Canadá 2-1 en Houston y avanzó a la final de #CopaOro21.


  1. Canada was robbed in that match. The one sided officiating was so blatant any non sports enthusiasts could've seen it. Concacaf wanted a USA MEXICO match. And they damn well made sure of it.

  2. I like the jackass buchanan when he scores and try to say "i can't hear you with this goal" – Well, we could see how much he was hurt when MEXICO scored the second goal – Respect, kiddo you're still in diapers – When your team gets 8 GOLD CUPS then you may stop farting – Learn to respect, dumb a*** 🙂

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