Extended Highlights: Mexico 2-1 Canada – Gold Cup 2021

🎥 Resumen: 🇲🇽 México superó a 🇨🇦 Canadá 2-1 en Houston y avanzó a la final de #CopaOro21.


  1. Wait a second… this Canadian team can become a serious threat for the next World cup hope they will qualify…😧
    From 🇨🇲

  2. Canada was robbed in that match. The one sided officiating was so blatant any non sports enthusiasts could've seen it. Concacaf wanted a USA MEXICO match. And they damn well made sure of it.

  3. Few years ago I saw Canada play they were crap. Now they seem much improved. Hope they develop soccer improve more and play the glorious wc soon.

  4. Mex won that fair and square. Outplayed Canada in every stat. Canada almost had it though.

    What team would be better? Mex Gold cup squad vs Mex Olympic squad?

  5. Rematch in an empty stadium, not in front of 70,000+ Mexican fans and against Davis, David & Larin. Hasta lluego amigos.

  6. Que curioso que el árbitro da 7 minutos de reposición y el partido finaliza no al 97` sino hasta que la selección mexicana anota el gol.

  7. I like the jackass buchanan when he scores and try to say "i can't hear you with this goal" – Well, we could see how much he was hurt when MEXICO scored the second goal – Respect, kiddo you're still in diapers – When your team gets 8 GOLD CUPS then you may stop farting – Learn to respect, dumb a*** 🙂

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