Downtown Tijuana Mexico Tour 2021

This is a tour of downtown Tijuana Mexico on a Sunday afternoon in August. We start out on Avenida Revolucion and walk towards the US border. We check out several markets and other side streets around downtown Tijuana. There is another area called Zona Rio which we did not actually show in this tour. We mostly highlighted central Tijuana.

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  1. That lady said 500 pesos for that fake leather belt. In reality they cost around 200 pesos. Those things always have to have a price tag but since it's right across the border they wil try to sell you things for doublr the price. If you get a little bit more further away from down town you will find stores with good merch and very low prices. And never pay in dollars, always exchange your dollars for pesos.

  2. Si Monterrey tiene como una influencia Texana.parecida a Houston siento que Tijuana se quiere parecer a California. No estoy diciendo que este mal, siempre ha habido inflyencias, durante el porfiriato querian moldear a la CDMX similar a Paris.

  3. Thanks for the video, nice, question, seems like you know what your doing, I’m from indiana, and probably will never get that far down there, would you be willing to pick me up a THICK colorful blanket, and a Pancho, if would send you the money to buy and for your time, Jeff Howard

  4. Last time I was in Tijuana, there couple of people killed in broad daylight. The police quickly scooped up the bodies, no evidence collected no witnesses interviewed (I witness the murders), so good luck if you are a victim of crime

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