Democracy Survives After Trumpists Hold Election Results Hostage In New Mexico County

Ari Melber reports on an example of Donald Trump’s ongoing threat to democracy in the United States in which a Republican-led county election commission, deluded by Trump’s baseless claims about corrupted voting machines, refused to certify the results of the Republican primary election until they were forced by a court ruling and the threat of criminal prosecution.
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  1. Trump has declared war on Democracy and law enforcement throughout this country. He's attacked the FBI and DOJ, but what else would you expect from white supremacy leaders? Trumpocracy is taking over America with hate, division and big lies. The Republican Party is now the Trump Party of attacking Democracy everywhere. I will always stand with law enforcement of any type in America. The attacks on the FBI is coming from Trump and his right wing terrorist. America must stand strong against traitors of this great land. Those people prefer Trump, Putin and other dictators across the world. Democracy must fight back. Trump wants a war. He'll get it from the true Americans that really love America. Not from white supremacy terrorist. Trump has claimed he's more popular then God. What a joke that is.

  2. Well that was refreshing you know when Nixon was being impeached his best friend was Barry Goldwater senator from Arizona and he voted to impeach him he told them you broke the law you gave me no choice. I still I have hope for our democracy. If we all vote we will not allow our constitution to be destroyed.

  3. He is another anti Democracy Authoritarian dictator with an I'm above the law mindset. And should never hold public office because he is a threat to the freedom of US Citizens.

  4. The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have prompted millions of Americans to call into question the integrity of Joe Biden, but the president is far from the only politician identified as a potential target for the Bidens’ influence-peddling operation, according to an investigative journalist who has been privy to the contents of the laptop.

    In addition to current Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom (both Democrats), Biden’s colleagues boasted of their tight relationships with “senior political people” in the United States and international “oligarchs,” including current Vice President Joe Biden. She claims that when the Biden family does business with foreign governments, the names of Democratic Party nobility on both coasts are often mentioned.

  5. The Clown Cowboy of New Mexico. This guys head and hat are full of horse crap. Not one issue based in fact as his two (2) other clowns backed off after clown show!

  6. Trump has to be held accountable, he is still outtheir spreding lies.
    Yes these people are a clear threat to democracy and society.
    Everytime he lies some one gets hurt and death threats.

  7. Otero County…
    New Mexico…
    Rodeo Cowboy…lol…
    You could make this up and they would think it too far fetched…
    All schemes, all grift..
    The dumb hats, the flag, the guns,
    Through this yahoo into jail next to Bubba

  8. Wow! So in the eyes of the DOJ, storming the Capitol in an attempted overthrow of American democracy, which will affect the entire nation, is less significant that some dude smoking marahuana. That's bound to send a message to anybody else with similar intentions.

  9. I did five tours for this nation. I know that we "smoked" some people that were less of a threat to this nation than what we are experiencing. . . . Let that sink in. Trump, his conspirators, and many Republicans across this nation are more of a threat to our nation than some of the people we fought and killed overseas. . . . We don't need to go overseas anymore to find threats. They are right here at home. Moreover, some of these people are sitting members of Congress. . . . Also, other than helicopters loaded with troops being shot down, it was rare — it has been rare for decades now — to lose troops enmass like we are experiencing with citizens being killed in schools, churches, grocery stores, synagogues, shopping malls, concerts, etc. . . And we have Supreme Court "Justices" who perjured themselves, that is, they broke the law, in order to secure nominations with hidden intentions. . . . Our nation is not well.

  10. a cowboy….. ? says everything about the dis United States of Sedition…. guns, funny hats from the 19th century .. where re the white picket fences???…. a big big country filled with pygmy minded individuals….

  11. This is what happens when an insurrectionist is given 14 days and a piddly $3000 fine. He got off way too easy. He can’t do anything illegal if he was still sitting in jail.

  12. He’s another mental crack pot they need to go to jail for years not a couple day where is the law that would throw the books at a normal person. Wow

  13. Like I THOUGHT. Anglo files are getting a kiss on the wrist. This country is insane and is worse than a 3rd world country so now you know why this country is a failure. I bet he gets to run again and the STUPID UNEDUCATED TOWNIES VOTE HIM BACK IN. Wonder how many townies are on dole. We know that many of the predominant red states and red towns are POOOOOOR and living on the backs of real contributers of the country the workers.

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