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World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys Mexico (2008)

Deadliest Roads – Australia:

Every year, more than a million people from central America travel thousands of miles attempting to reach the promised land: the US. It’s a journey fraught with danger. Jumping onto moving trains, they run the risk of being killed or severely mutilated should they fall. We follow two young Salvadorians, Jaime and Lupita, who are eloping to Texas. Theirs is an emotional rollercoaster, full of hope and fear, as they dodge border police, brave robbers and rapists and face the journey’s hardships.
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  1. This is the first time FD is showing this episode. It is not a repost and we welcome all who are here to enjoy.

    Every year, more than a million people travel from Central America thousands of miles north – attempting to reach the promised land: The USA. We hear about it on the news, sometimes daily, sometimes forgotten, tossed aside for the next headline meant to grab your attention. Yet, these people, fleeing poverty, crime and despair, are still on their respective journeys, day after day, one foot in front of the other, the only thing keeping them going is the hope, the promise they keep to themselves in their hearts; that life at the end of this arduous road will be better for them and most importantly – for their children.

    It’s a journey fraught with danger. Jumping onto moving trains, they run the risk of being killed or severely mutilated. Would the people they left behind ever find out?

    We follow the fate of two young Salvadorians, Jaime and Lupita, who are eloping to Texas, hope and love in their hearts. Theirs is an emotional rollercoaster, full of courage and fear, as they dodge border police, outwit robbers and fight off rapists – a journey with unimaginable hardships.

    What does it take to make you leave your home, your familiar surroundings, your families? What does it take to put yourself in danger every step of the way? We try to find out.

  2. I have an idea…!!! Why don't we (the USA) annex El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras… Then immigration would not be an issue. To pay for the annexation and the welfare ticket for these millions of people illegally crossing our border, the US would get the rights to natural resources in those 3 countries. I'd offer the idea of helping those three countries with law & order, but the USA is having a difficult time with law & order in the states. But in time that will change … in three years…!!!

  3. I have no idea how the crew film these. On top of trains, in sketchy situations, day, night,…massive respect. I hope those cats got to the US and found the better life they were looking for.

  4. Come the right way so you can be acount for you not in the system in you want get no help in America without paper. Do it the right way if someone here in America kill yall the system want know you because you came in the wrong way. Real talk

  5. But once you come cross the border without paper you are not in the system that not good you can kill someone in never pay for it because you not in the system. It do matter.

  6. I'm sure it's not just me but the cameraman is amazing. That's my ideal job. They are absolutely amazing and they don't miss a beat. Best show ever. It'll be hard to top these Documentaries.

  7. A society that does not believe in planned parenthood increases their population past the ability of their country to sustain itself. They face starvation, criminal gangs, corrupt leadership, and other social unrest issues that come with irresponsible overpopulation fueled by religious brainwashing. Their solution is simple. Keep having large unaffordable families, illegally migrate to the US, and transfer the problem to the US taxpayers; problem solved. .

  8. East or west but home is best. It’s an illusion to look for greener pastures anywhere else. The grass is green if you water it yourself.

  9. May God bless all the immigrants who tried and made it and I wish all who were caught wish them the best of my luck.

  10. its so sad to see what other brothers and sisters are going through just to find a better life..we should give a little more than we take

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