Crossing the US/MEXICO Border 🇲🇽 My First Day in Tijuana, Mexico

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Tijuana, Mexico is one of those special places on this planet that everyone has an opinion about before they’ve ever visited. I decided it was long-over-due for me to travel down from San Diego and cross the border into Tijuana for a week of eating, exploring, and education.

The US/Mexico Border Crossing just south of San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico is the most highly trafficked border crossing in the entire world. More people cross the Tijuana San Diego border than anywhere else on earth, that’s crazy to think about!

Obviously, one of the most polarizing aspects of Tijuana, Mexico is the border wall that is being constructed from the Pacific Ocean, past San Ysidro, past Otay Mesa, heading east towards Arizona and Texas.

After crossing the San Ysidro Pedestrian Border Crossing south of San Diego, our first order of business in Tijuana was to go visit the Parque de Amistad (Friendship Park) in Playas de Tijuana, where the border wall actually goes all the way into the Pacific Ocean.

From Parque de Amistad, we traveled to lunch in the Lagos neighborhood of Tijuana for delicuous gorditas and quesadillas.

After lunch, we got to see the massive border crossing line from Tijuana to San Diego.

We also checked into our Tijuana Airbnb near the Telefonica Gastro Park and finished the day at Norte Brewing, right next to Avenida Revolución in downtown Tijuana.

Special thanks to Border Tours for helping me navigate this incredible border city, and showing me all of the best things to do in Tijuana, Mexico;

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  2. Love your videos I have a question I've been going to Tijuana several times this year at least five times this year. But me looking Asian they always seem to hustle me for like 30 bucks to cross and is it required to get a Visa while crossing the boarder ? I'm a USA citizen. Can you please tell me am I getting ripped off or that's their policy during this covid time? But at times they don't ask for it. Is it just a matter of the employee on duty ?

  3. Trolley goes or use to go all the way to the border, quite sensible to Not drive into Mexico!
    Too much risk unless there is good reason to drive in. Fear not folks, Mexico can be marvelous for small trip to Eat, shop, and so much more. Now, about coming back? Be very patient or attempt to acquire a special pass with your background investigation, the Sentri Pass..
    I use to love my trips into Mexico, albeit my last trip into TJ was 2006, before the Cartel problem manifested.

  4. not to be born in a country…parents that are legal citizens of the country…no justice soli in USA and nearly every country.

  5. I used to go to Tijuana with my ex she is from Mexico but lives in San Diego but we would go over sometimes go eat drink chocomil (my favorite) see the sites and go shopping it was super fun

  6. Do you really need a passport to cross over to Tijuana?
    I've crossed over to matamoros done some shopping and crossed back over without a passport.

  7. My kids don’t have a passport. Can they fly from Tijuana to Puerto Vallarta without a passport? It was my understanding that a passport is not necessary but I read something that stated otherwise. Do you know?

  8. Do you go through both immigration offices? or just for the mexican? US migration asks you for something before you leave? GREAT VIDEO!

  9. Texan here….been to Mexico a few times in my younger years. We were always told to not eat any uncooked street food or vegetables unless they have been cooked properly. I see you plowing into some vegetables for tacos etc. Have things changed? Always had bottled water for drinking.

  10. 16:47 How does the tour guide not know how to explain what chicharron prensado is? And he calls himself Mexican? SMH Muy mal paisano, ubicate!!!

  11. Pedestrian crossing is actually much slower. In your car you will not stop at all, no ID needed to come out.

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  13. Gareth do you know if Border Tours is still operating or did you have a special arrangement with them? I sent them an inquiry/request a long time ago and never heard back ☹️

  14. Built that wall … Trump was doing a Good Thing …. American was Not to take on thousand and thousand of people from other countries …

  15. Viendo video cuando visitaste mi ciudad Tijuana 👍🏻… buen guía. Saludos desde aquí hasta donde estes ☺️

  16. Is the most heavily trafficked because people can't afford rent in San Diego, and they go to Tijuana, they can rent a full house for less than $600 monthly

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