Crossing the MEXICO Border | Van Life Baja

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We’re crossing the Mexico border today! Crossing borders can be nerving and we’re going to share our experience with you! Join us in this van life vlog as continue living in our fully off grid van and tour the Baja Peninsula. Welcome to Mexico Van Life!

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0:00 Vanwives are going to Mexico!
1:01 Preparing for Van Life Mexico
5:02 Crossing Us Mexico Border
7:02 How to Cross Mexico Border?
9:11 Van Life Baja Van Camping
9:59 Route De
12:58 Our FAV Green Drink AG1
14:14 Is Van Life Mexico Safe?
15:50 We waited 3 years for this!
17:25 Living Off Grid on a Ranch in Mexico
20:01 SO SCARY!
20:21 Full Tour
22:41 Next week?

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