Crossing the MEXICO Border | Van Life Baja

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We’re crossing the Mexico border today! Crossing borders can be nerving and we’re going to share our experience with you! Join us in this van life vlog as continue living in our fully off grid van and tour the Baja Peninsula. Welcome to Mexico Van Life!

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0:00 Vanwives are going to Mexico!
1:01 Preparing for Van Life Mexico
5:02 Crossing Us Mexico Border
7:02 How to Cross Mexico Border?
9:11 Van Life Baja Van Camping
9:59 Route De
12:58 Our FAV Green Drink AG1
14:14 Is Van Life Mexico Safe?
15:50 We waited 3 years for this!
17:25 Living Off Grid on a Ranch in Mexico
20:01 SO SCARY!
20:21 Full Tour
22:41 Next week?

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  1. Was hoping for more info on the border crossing…ugh! These glam utube videos suck. Loved u ladies when u first started n were more real…as a solo female van lifer for 2 years this glam glam crap is not reality….unsubscribing

  2. Really just stop being lazy, use a rust converter and spray can.
    40 mins tops. To stop holes in van .
    Very silly.
    Also stop feeding the very fat dogs.
    Not sensible.
    Vet bills and pet bills must be huge.

  3. Oh my gosh…I love your baja adventures so much. I love Baja and try to make it down there at least once a year to the Loreto and Cabo area. Keep up the amazingly entertaining vlogs you both do. Love to you all.

  4. I use peat moss in my composting toilet the coconut husk was to much work. If it gets to dry I add coffee grinds. Coincidentally I just emptied it today 3/10/22 the last time was 1/3/ 22 so I’m kind of happy with that . I’m by myself and I’m a guy living on a boat so I probably don’t use as much toilet paper. I’m in North Carolina.

  5. I laughed when i heard the name of the little pig was "tites fesses", wich mean small butt in french, but knowing that is wife is a french canadian, so just makes more sens… Always nice to see your videos!!

  6. There's one lot near St Louis Mo called Euro Camper but means you need to cross border again. I think any camper specialist company would probably have them, but maybe go to a junk yard see if there one there out of luck.

  7. The views of the water is amazing and the scenery around the wineries are beautiful, and I’m so addicted to your videos and love seeing what and where you go. The animals and the babies are so cute and enjoyed this vlog so much thank you for this great vlog.

  8. Hi you guys from a slushy Canadian morning enduring our usual early March freeze & thaw cycles your dose of sunshine and fantastick enthusiasm makes me start thinking of Spring.A fabulous fun vlog ,takecare ladies Happy trouble free driving
    Cheers till next time X

  9. Your videos make me smile! I love your positive attitudes and the way you see the positive in everything. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Safe travels, see you Sunday .

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