Crashing a DC-10 on Final Approach to Mexico City | Deadly Mistake (With Real Audio)

Find out why the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 operating a passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico crashed at Mexico City International Airport in fog.

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This video has been recorded and edited in 4K resolution and 60FPS.


  1. Wait…so the ATC never told them they would have to do that dodgy sidestep maneuver? Seems like that should have been required knowledge. And that final CVR tape is soul crushing. When you hear a man shriek like that…it just gives you chills. So sad

  2. My father was an employee of western airlines in Mexico City, he was working just when the accident happened, he and his co-workers tried to help the survivors but they found a bloody scene difficult to forget …

  3. Terrible… year later I flew with KLM to Mexico city,as a KLM groundworker. Never knew this was happend. I flew 5 more times to Puerto Vallarta via Mexico city,(where I arrived around 00.30)so had to stay overnight in Mexico city Airport Hotel. Next morning I flew to Puerto Vallarta around 08.00. I did this at 1980,1981,1983,1986,1987 and 1995 for the last time. At that time there was no mobile phone's,internet like now,so many accident's I found out much later in the years 2000+

    Rip all people,crew and prayers to the families 🙏

  4. I feel terrible for the ABC news guy Ken Lucoff. You can only imagine what he was saying and thinking…
    The screams of the crew are more real knowing they died on Halloween. yikes…
    Maybe shouldn't have yelled G-Damnit.

  5. That pilot was like the Pan Am pilot at Tenerife. Thought he had it all figured out. Figured out the hard way that he did not. Dont be hardheaded, listen to ATC and your copilot.

  6. None…. None of those three 1979 DC 10 crashes were caused by failures of the aircraft or their design. American Airlines maintenance procedures, Navigation input failures, and poor communication between a poor pilot and ATC caused these crashes and killed nearly 600 people.
    And no, Im not a fan of McDonnell Douglas, but we sadly blamed the crashes on them.

  7. I usually watch these alone but sometimes my roommate sits in on it. This was one of those occasions, until I remembered the flight and the audio recording to go with it and I was like a parent suddenly changing the channel when their kid walks in on a violent or sexual part of a film. I was like "you know, I'd rather you not have to have their screams haunt your nightmares for the rest of your life. Let's watch one where everyone lives, shall we?"

  8. I do like your channel but I would have edited out the screams. I don't think they add anything other than showing what's like to be facing your death. My opinion.

  9. 1)fog, 2)pilot complacency, 3)communication. That air traffic controller was pretty blasé and minimal about talking to the pilot about the landing situation, though, this is only the last of their interaction, so I can't say that conclusively. Maybe I blame him more, because he didn't pay the ultimate price. The pilot also played it way too cool, when he should have been grilling for information from the ground. Maybe he even did a "yaddah yaddah" in his head when told the situation. I do that all the time, when someone starts with instructions for something I've done 500 times, and ignore the last part which is different and essential. For whatever reason, he clearly had no idea about a sidestep maneuver from 23L to 23R. Rest well, all of them.

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