Chinese community is growing in Tijuana, Mexico

The Chinese community in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, is growing and helping to stimulate both cultural and business ties between China and Mexico. #Mexico #China #Tijuana #business #culturalexchange

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  1. Yo pienso que desde siempre el respeto que se le a dado a la comunidad china en Tijuana y Mexicali no lo van a allar en ninguna parte,no se han tratado de robar sus costumbres y su comida no se ha tratado de imitar, lo que sí a pasado en otras partes como en Perú .🇲🇽🇨🇳

  2. Chinese communities should be extremely suspicious of anything that comes from the CCP! They should not trust them or have any financial "support" from their Government!

  3. Se les aprecia, sería formidable que promovieran el aprendizaje de su idioma y cultura y así tener un acercamiento social ademas del economico. No existe un solo lugar en Tijuana donde se pueda aprender Mandarin o participar abiertamente con su comunidad en eventos que desarrollan en la ciudad.

  4. I have been to Tijuana many many times. I have yet to visit MexiCali. Soon…I will. I love mexican people. They work just as hard as other asian americans. Always love to see…all of us…work and live…to share common goals. Why can't some people in the USA live & think like this???

  5. A lot of us natives from Baja might have Chinese heritage and dont even know, last year we had a death in the family and I found out that my great grandmother (the mother of my grandmother) was a Chinese immigrant that arrived to Tijuana in the early 1920s. I had no clue and I am almost 30 lol

  6. Chinese people are very welcome in Tijuana! We have a long history together. In fact, the oldest park has a kiosk, which has been renovated over the years, that was donated by Patricio Mee Hong, who was one of the first chinese to help to bring Chinese and Mexican food together.

    Greetings from a local Tijuanense born in 1997, chinese brothers ans sisters!❤

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