CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO – Is this the CLEANEST city in Mexico? Welcome back to another Mexico Travel 2021 video! This is part 13 of my 2021 Mexico series coming from Chihuahua in northern Mexico!

In the last video I had a nightmare. An awful pizza which everyone recommended, 35km of walking, Mennonite communities with seemingly not a human in sight and an unintentional overnight stay in Cuauhtemoc. This time we are going with the flow. We’re having a leisurely stroll around Chihuahua Centro, checking out some of the things to do in Chihuahua with various spots with history relating to Miguel Hidalgo such as the Palacio Federal or Casa Chihuahua, the Templo el Francisco Asis, the government place, plus Quinta Gameros (closed) and the bizarre mannequin at a bridal shop which is said to be an embalmed corpse! (not on display). We also have hamburguesas al carbon and elotes (also esquites when it’s on the cob!), great examples of affordable mexican street food!

The main gist of this video is chilling out and how I have got around my youtube burnout issues recently. Recommendations are great but they don’t necessarily translate into filming a YouTube video. These two things are completely different!

MUSIC – (Epidemic Sound)
“Backdrop” – 91nova (intro & angel)
“Dragon Punch” – 91nova (centro)
“Below Horizon” – Luwaks (catedral and onwards)

00:00 – Intro
01:41 – A Walk Around Chihuahua/Miguel Hidalgo
06:48 – Artwork and YouTube Difficulties
08:26 – Cathedral and Corpse Mannequin
10:55 – Quinta Gameros
12:01 – Chihuahua Impressions & Elotes
13:26 – The Meltdown
18:55 – The Burnout Burger

If you’re thinking about moving to Mexico or becoming one of the increasing number of expats in Mexico, your choices aren’t limited to popular areas like Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. You might even be looking for off the beaten track Mexico. You might ask the questions, “Is Mexico Safe?” or, “Is Mexico dangerous. Sinaloa is a state that, granted, you’ll need to be able to speak Spanish in, but the city and state has so much to offer, just as much as those other places!

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EQUIPMENT (from April 2021)

– Samsung A51
– DJI Mavic Mini
– Wondershare FilmoraX

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm alive! (you'll know what I mean after the last video!). This video is a continuation from that video. The good news is, my burnout has been resolved via a burnt burger in a burnt out building! Note that I KNOW Chile Pasado is a common dish in Chihuahua but a) I had it on another day but didn't really like it, and b) the whole point of this video is that the things we actually want to do which aren't recommendations are sometimes the best things!

    Note that I've already left Chihuahua and I'm currently filming in Torreon. There's going to be a small break between travel videos now due to this, you can expect the next big travel one on Saturday 7th August, FROM GOMEZ PALACIO!

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  2. I was gonna asked what do you do for a living but you mentioned it in your rant section lol.

    I hope you enjoyed the city, to be honest, Iv'e been living here my whole life and can say without any doubt that you pretty much not "miss" a thing if you don't go to X o Y place, downtown is interesting but

    I've never had a burger in that place btw, was it good?

  3. Hi! I don't usually watch travel videos but i watched this one because I live in Chihuahua! I enjoyed so much your honesty, it's actually refreshing. Also I can imagine that some people only recommend places to you because they're their own business, or their friend's, etc., not thinking about your actual experience and that must suck! I'm glad you're all better and that you stayed hydrated here in the desert, take care, and safe travels home.

  4. Im from Chihuahua City I have been in New York for 30 years and let me tell you I cried when I saw this video, so many memories of my childhood, The City looks totally different of what I remembered. Have a safe trip back home and take care of yourself. Greetings from New York City.

  5. Lol! I love your honesty and northern Mexicans are VERY honest, blunt people so all good. 👍

    It is hard to find good pizza in Mexico. You need to find an obscure hole in the wall place opened by Europeans or a Mexican who lived in Europe/NY and learned to make pizza. 🤣

    I agree with you 100% about just walking around and discovering places. That’s how I have had the BEST meals of my life. Best of luck in your future life plans. I like your travel videos- they are different, refreshing.

    Also, I like Starbucks and I’m glad they exist in Mexico. Being in Mexico also means trying non-Mexican things like the locals enjoy doing. 👍

  6. Primera vez que veo una de tus videos y es acerca de mi ciudad, me encanto!!! Espero que te la hayas pasado muy bien y que tuvieras buenas experiencias. Sigue viajando y disfrutando cosas nuevas y maravillosas. Animo!!!

  7. I hope your channel continues to grow. I've been wanting to visit northern Mexico for awhile since visiting Guanajuato, CDMX, and some other places. I will tell you that if you make your way to the border states in the US, El Paso and Tucson are worth checking out. I am sure San Diego is awesome, but definitely not as budget friendly.

  8. I live in Chihuahua and I thought these things ( 6:00 ) were some sort of sterilizing thing due to COVID-19 since they kinda appeared during the initial outbreak, Nice to know I can get under them with tranquility now haha!

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