Can I live in Mexico and have Medicare? How about social Security?

Medicare In MEXICO NO. But what about Social Security
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  1. My husband and I are retired on Social Security and he has his pension we want to live in Mexico and we want to know what companies we can purchase Travelers Insurance because I want to go to one of the clinics because I'm Ill and I need help with that it might be you know a year or more before well and I'm trying to find out what insurance companies best we both have Medicare and I know medical won't cover nothing so what do you recommend on insurance to stay there and live

  2. Frank, be careful what you wish for in terms of finding a woman. Move to Mexico but do not focus on the entire reason for the move to be about finding someone to enter into a relationship with.
    If you find the right woman, great! However, there is no more lonely a feeling than being in a relationship with the wrong person. So please just take your time, you won't find love in Mexico, you need to let love find you, and if it is meant to happen then it will.

  3. I really appreciated talking nice things for Mexico. Just be careful do not mention about money or properties. Please do not walk anymore the same area people know you have money. May God protect you and your family.

  4. Thank you so much for your video. I have a question. Do you still have an address in USA? USA requires you have insurance if you lived in USA. So how do you handle this situation. Thank you again for your very pleasant videos

  5. I’m in the process of sale my home and planning to move to Chapala,I’m Mexican but I have a citizenship USA,I definitely call you and make appointment to talk to you as soon as I know when I’m moving to Chapala…love your videos..thanks for sharing. My name is Veronica Green…

  6. I just saw you on Las Gemelas Zalez when the lady bumped on to you, and now your video comes out. Of course your videos are very informative, but I also enjoy her simple videos in Spanish.

  7. Would you consider coming out of retirement and relocating to Washington D.C.?
    Maybe let Joe and Kamala stay at your place for a while? Our nation would be grateful and deeply indebted to you.

  8. If you are a legal resident in Mexico you can pay for the IMSS medical attention which includes emergencies, hospitalization and medicine for about $500 USD per year, per person and your wife.

  9. It's always nice to hear people from other countries appreciate the subtle pleasures of the ordinary life in México. You call yourself a foreigner but I see you like someone who decided to live here willingly and that speaks volumes to proud Mexicans like myself. Feel welcome in our (yours too) country. Enjoy!

  10. Man that's so cool, I really appreciate the time you take to explain these various aspects of living in Mexico. You really have me thinking about this. I just don't think I make enough on my SSI. Thanks for the info.

  11. As always Jerry, informative information. But from my research that 50,000 usd maximum payout applies to the supplemental plan G, but not the Advantage Plan C. Most do not have a maximum. Many of these Advantage plans not only cover emergency medical needs but also urgent care needs. These plans are very competitive from one insurance provider to another, and find many will cover the same as one such plan by United Health Care sponsored by AARP which is their Medicare Advantage Plan 2 (HMO-POS). Check it out!

  12. I was thinking of using my SSI survivors insurance benefits debit card to rent from Airbnb’s down there or if I find another cheaper place than it’s good to know I can just withdrawl it from an ATM.

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