California teen attacked, dragged underwater by crocodile while vacationing at Mexico resort

What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway before starting college this fall, turned into a real life nightmare for 18-year-old Kiana Hummel, who was attacked by a 12-foot-long crocodile while vacationing in Mexico with a friend earlier this month.

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  1. The best hospital here with 24/7 urgent care and an ambulance is the Puerta Vallarta medical center. Which is about 2 miles south from the marina.
    I live here, I'm 65 years old Medicare does not work here, so I pay cash for all my doctor's visits, all my checkups and the prices are very reasonable. Before you come to any country on vacation you need to make sure if your medical insurance works or not. Find out where you're staying if they have issues with sharks iguanas crocodiles whatever. People have gone to Hawaii and sat on a rock and got bit by a shark. Everybody that's told me that Mexico charged them hundreds and thousands of dollars for a medical emergency procedure I asked them do you have PPO where your medical insurance in the States reimburses you and they said yes ….there you go.

  2. Idk about y'all but every time I go to a new country or region; I always look up what are the predator and venomous animals, how to recognize their territory to stay away from them, and what to do if I encounter one.

  3. Absolutely no one else to blame here but the idiot that decided to take a night swim in open water.. the article I read even had the mother sorta putting blame on the resort because the warning signs were too small and weren't visible at night smh… there was a picture of the signs and although I could not tell if they were visible at night or not, they were a good size sign. Hey mom how about just admitting that your not so clever daughter made a stupid decision that night and it's no one else's fault besides her's

  4. I think they got the story wrong. I think she attacked the crocodile. Have you seen the size of this girl. Has anybody reached out to the crocodile for comment?

  5. They need to have more signs. However crocodiles occasionally frequent tropical areas in Mexico’s coast. Ofcourse most people probably don’t know that because it is not frequent. Most stay in freshwater.

  6. My favorite singers will always be from Mexico 🇲🇽. Jose Jose, luis miguel, Pedro infante, Jorge negrete, Javier solis, lucha Villa, Vicente Fernández, Alejandro Fernández. Love Mexican style music 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽👏🏼 not ashamed to love Mexican music.

  7. I'm really glad she's okay but this could have been prevented, Don't Blame the hotel there is signs every where, and its obvious,THERE IS PROPER CAUTION sign. you don't need spanish to know some decent common sense. and look at the pictures, Even my 10 yr and 13 yr know more. I've gone and stayed in the same hotel in Puerto Vallarta and there is signs every where they caution you about crocodiles, and seriously no one swims on that side of the beach. It even says that if you go in the water is at your own risk. That should be a clue. People usually go to the other side of puerto vallarta to swim. Kind of irresponsible of them, parents educate your kids on the danger of wild life. When its raining crocodiles get swept away to the ocean and they get lost, but still pay attention to the signs. I'm witness that the news make it seem like MEXICO is at fault NOT. It was so the teens fault. They were prob drunk af. They are so many drunk American there, which is totally fine, go for it, but you never want to be too drunk in Mexico, this is coming from a Mexican, so take it as you will,
    stupid news

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