Bear crashes wedding reception in Mexico, unfazed guest continues eating dinner

A video going viral on TikTok shows a bear-y unusual wedding crasher at a reception held over the weekend in Mexico.

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  1. Someone kept yelling "don't move!" in the video (obviously in spanish) hence why everyone kept still, but its still funny that one dude kept on eating lmao

  2. i like mexican food too. heh I've been accused of being a bear a few times . seriously i have had black bears come after fish i had tied in a steam,because we didn't have a cooler. i chased the bear whilst banging the pans and that freaking bear ran so fast ,along the edge of a lake the water splashed 20 ft above his head, i somehow was able to take a photo of it. they can run almost 30 mph . no way in the world to get away if they were chasing you. black bears of course are not to bad along as they don't have cubs(first on i saw i thought was a big dog), its the brown or Grizzly bears that are huge and will kill .

  3. In Canada we pre make for the deer's in case they come corn carrots and a few treats plus apples..
    If the bears come we have fish chopped apples and meat in a big barrel usually the mommies come with their cups we also have a mini pool for them and drinking water…
    They never attack because we know them from young

  4. I'm just confused by the second reporter's name. Like is that first & last all in one or just her first name. Either way I would be pissed at my parents for giving me that long ass name. Miss I'm surprised you kept it because at 18 mines would have been different

  5. americans do what they aren't supposed to do in these situations because the media loves to put fear in americans

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