AWESOME: KLM World Business Class on the 787: Amsterdam – Mexico City

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KLM’s World Business Class on the Dreamliner is a superb way to travel over 5,000 miles to Mexico City. I was lucky enough to give it a try and it really is one of the better ways to fly, as I’m sure you’ll agree! However, I’m not sure KLM convinced me to go vegan on this trip…wait and see!

The story of KLM’s Delft house gifts:

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0:00 Introduction
1:08 Context of the trip
1:29 Checkin
2:33 KLM Crown Lounge (non-Schengen area)
4:32 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
6:59 Boarding
8:35 Taxi and take off
10:32 Seat tour and details
12:35 Snacks and menu discussion
13:27 WiFi
13:48 Dinner
15:04 Trying the seat as a bed!
15:19 Scenery over the United States
16:10 Amenity kit
16:26 Pre-landing meal shocker
17:00 Delft house gift!
17:23 Landing and conclusions

Date of Travel: 12 OCT 2021
Airline: KLM
Livery: Standard KLM livery
Route: (NWI)-AMS-MEX
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Flight Number: KL 685
Miles: 5,721
Airborne time: 10h27m

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  1. Will probably stop watching your videos now. You have slated other airlines for less than what klm produced on this flight? Yet you seem to absolutely love klm? Business class and you didn’t get a choice of meal? How or when is that ever acceptable!! Yet you barely mention it? Il stick with Sam chi, at least he’s objectionable for the right reasons.

  2. Watching the approach into Mexico City brought back some memories for me. My dad used to live there and I remember being scared the first time because I didn't see the airport until we were right on top of it! Plane spotting was a lot of fun too. Where he lived was fairly close to the way the planes landed back then (don't know if it has changed since the 90s) and we could see all kinds of planes come in on a clear day. DC-10s, 747s, even the odd 727. Come to think of it, only time I ever flew in a 727 was into Mexico City!

  3. Best Video I watched of KLM Business Class so far!
    Just one question: you got the entry-form on board or you need to get it by yourself somewhere?

  4. Awesome video, very business-like yet appealing. Btw- How does your business model work? Do you pay for your air trips or it is complementary offer from the aviation establishments that as a payback for your videos showcasing them.

  5. Just did Stockholm to Rio yesterday on KLM business. Horrible transfer in Amsterdam, no fasttrack or anything like that, found the lounge awful, with many sections closed and bad food. The good thing was the kind, nice and wonderful staff on the flight to Rio. The food was good (I didnt have to take the Burges) but the snackbar was a shame. Went with Air France 2 weeks ago and I liked them better. Love your vídeos! 👍🎉😀

  6. Yes Paul, they definitely have got to do something about those burgers during the second meal in business class! KLM and AMS wonderful experience with great business class deals out of the UK. The lounge and security experience at AMS are wonderful compared to those at UK airports.

  7. Thank you for not being a narcissist, meaning that you don't have the need to have your face on camera as the focus of the entire video for as much as 75% of the running time (like Josh Cahill who loves himself so much and thinks everyone else should as well). I didn't time your video, but I can't imagine that you were in front of the camera for more than 20-25% of the running time. I respect that your focus is on the airline and not yourself and any desperate attempt to become famous. Keep up the excellent quality of videos. Safe travels!

  8. I love herringbone layout because of direct access on every seats. Cathay Pacific is similar that provides comfort and accessibility. Great trip report! 👍🏻

  9. 15:41 wow, loved that side note, the office (US) is hilarious & the best show ever haha! Also, I think it's so cool that I found out that 3 of my cousins were born there in Scranton (the electric city haha), although we all are Swiss residents

  10. Nice review as always Paul. Have to say however that I would certainly need a snack survival kit in my hand luggage for that flight as nothing on that menu would have been ordered by me. Still, unfortunately, that's not particularly unusual, even long haul up front of the plane.

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