55 people killed and dozens hurt in Mexico truck crash  – BBC News

55 people have been killed and dozens injured in Mexico when a lorry and its trailer crashed and overturned.  

Around 160 people including young families and children were in the trailer.  Most of them were migrants from Central America, seeking a new life in the United States.  

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Will Grant in Chiapas in southern Mexico.

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  1. Peace💙 and 💚Blessings 🧡Too 💛My ❤Brothers💚 May 💜God 🧡Bless💙 Everyone💜 Always 🧡May God❤ Bless 💚Everyone 💜Richly with💙 everything 💚they🧡 need Always❤ Much 💜Love🧡 Blessings 💛Always ✌ 💯 🌈 🎇 🌐 💦 💜💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💚💚💜🧡🧡🧡

  2. if you love this people the FIRST place that they go is Cancun JUST IMAGINE THAT!! we can no be the toilet of Centro America

  3. FUCK THAT IM MEXICAN AND THIS RAT PRESIDENT LOPEZ OBRADOR HAS TO STOP THIS PEOPLE COMING TO MEXICO IMMEDIATELLY !! I'm so tired of seeing so many illegal people in Mexico from all countries and this rat president don't do shit, the Mexican border looks like a human dump!

  4. Biden shouldn’t have thrown our borders open, it’s like winning the lottery for these poor people. The Democrats are herding them for Votes, they don’t care about collateral damage in the process.

  5. This is how Biden protects US citizens as well, and then invites illegals here and laughs as they perish God help us rid the world of such evil leaders and all countries fight to once again win their freedom and independence and stop running away from their evil country to another evil country, stop being cowards and fight for the freedom in your country or perish. There is no free ride or living here in the US, we here are entering another civil war and we must fight and die, so must you from every country.

  6. The ignorance is high, renders many innocent dead, many blame the "coyotes" humanimals of pray when the family members and all that provide the funds are too to blame, cash that have not been used wise, primarily to blame are those that take a risk, stupidity is high more so nowadays…. there is no respect for the laws of many countries…… these actions are supported by the media that do not blame immigrants for taking such a risk ….. believers of dreams, believers of God's, crazy believers of Gods always absent in catastrophes pandemics wars poverty, born deformed, conquistadors, inquisition, mutilations called circumcisions, even absent in Jews killed by Nazi, absent in abuse all types of abuse mostly abuse of our minds and a crime of children's mental abuse still going on unpunished, the civil right of choosing to be stupid to believe in nonsense and highly risky dreams, no disrespect for the dead, rather a sad consequence of every one supporting illegal immigration.

  7. What a difference reading these compassionate comments, compared to the hateful comments on u.s. news coverage. Ignorant racists there, are celebrating this horrific tragedy. I don't think they've ever seen a map before, they think Central America is all Mexico.

  8. Will the horrors never end??! 22 Tornados in the Midwest, the 89 earthquakes in the Pacific NW (thankfully no tsunamis) but what is the potential for a horrific earthquake along the PNW?, the school shooting, now this… Perhaps it truly is the end times and we should all get our houses in order. Meaning our souls and families and friends, dear ones. Make sure everyone is prepared for end times. I'm a Christian, but a different sort, as in I believe Christ was the son of God but I don't believe EVERYTHING in the Bible. Cuz I believe in reincarnation, Native American beliefs etc. But I also do believe this world will come to an end and mostly cuz we as humans have not honored Mother Earth and she's fighting pissed. Prayers to all involved 🙏💛

  9. US plan to KILL Taliban: "The second MAP had a 30-kilometer RADIUS drawn around the CENTER of Kabul; any MOVE by the Taliban into that ZONE, McKenzie WARNED them, would be interpreted as a HOSTILE "act." Baradar and the other Taliban leaned over the map, trying to find the names of the areas INSIDE the 30-kilometer circle, which extended well past the gates of Kabul." NYT 12/11/21

  10. Being promised freedom and free money leads those like these unfortunate people to lose their lives. Prayers for their families and maybe, just maybe some eye opening of those in government to rethink their behaviors to stop tragedies like this.

  11. (They) have :
    -Multi Billion dollar media industries
    -celebrity mouth pieces
    -past presidents and world leaders
    -the Pope
    -Big Pharma
    -virtually all intelligence agencies
    -control of Big Tech
    -ownership of 95% social media
    -censorship control
    -weather manipulation
    -false flag patsies
    -multiple terrorist groups
    -fundraising capabilities
    -and trillions of dollars

    We have:
    -phones with cameras
    -social media accounts

    And we’re STILL winning.

  12. Just imagine – if they tried to "migrate" the right way they'd probably be still alive. Instead they tried to get themselves SMUUGLED in

    This tragedy could have been avoided

  13. I am sorry for their loss and hardships but I don't understand why they spend all their money trying to come to the US. Is there no other central or south American country that they can choose instead to live in. They pass through so many other countries on their way.

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