12 hrs on Air France First Class – From Paris to Mexico City

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Today I’m flying on one of the world’s most exclusive First Class flights, Air France First Class, otherwise known as La Premiere! I’m going to be reviewing one of their longest routes, at 12.5 hours, so there will be ample time to experience the bed, fine dining and famed first class ground service.

Air France La Premiere is notoriously hard to book economically, with prices in the low $10,000s and miles redemptions not possible for anyone other than top tier members of AF’s frequent flyer program. I’ll bring you along step by step, as always on my trip reports – so you can experience for yourself what it’s actually like to fly.

0:00 – Intro to La Premiere
0:42 – London to Paris
1:00 – The La Premiere Lounge
3:00 – Driving to the Plane
4:42 – Getting onboard
6:14 – Seat Tour
6:54 – Dinner Service
9:21 – Bedtime
11:20 – Second Meal Service
12:23 – Landing in Mexico