12 hrs on Air France First Class – From Paris to Mexico City

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Today I’m flying on one of the world’s most exclusive First Class flights, Air France First Class, otherwise known as La Premiere! I’m going to be reviewing one of their longest routes, at 12.5 hours, so there will be ample time to experience the bed, fine dining and famed first class ground service.

Air France La Premiere is notoriously hard to book economically, with prices in the low $10,000s and miles redemptions not possible for anyone other than top tier members of AF’s frequent flyer program. I’ll bring you along step by step, as always on my trip reports – so you can experience for yourself what it’s actually like to fly.

0:00 – Intro to La Premiere
0:42 – London to Paris
1:00 – The La Premiere Lounge
3:00 – Driving to the Plane
4:42 – Getting onboard
6:14 – Seat Tour
6:54 – Dinner Service
9:21 – Bedtime
11:20 – Second Meal Service
12:23 – Landing in Mexico


  1. This is my first upload since i've hit 100k – so i'd like to thank you all for watching and following my journey so far. It means the world. Next video will be another train video, on a sleeper service all the way to the Arctic Circle. Can't wait to share that one 🙂

  2. been binge watching your videos the last couple of days 🙂 is there a video explaining what the timberland shoes are all about?😂

  3. looks an interesting trip. I love watching some of your videos, especially as it's very hard for me personally to travel abroad nowadays with my health and disabilities!! even if I could travel, I would need serious help in doing so, so thank you for being my eyes to the world!

  4. You are very demanding, but with good reason since you are paying a vast amount amount of money for your comfort, love your channel bro, just subscribed now.

  5. two things one do you get to keep the pjs and slippers and secondly how come you dont dress up a tad more than the raggedy jeans? I do love the NASA shirt.

  6. My fiancée and I are planning our honeymoon in France this November and I only wish we could afford to do first class. It would make it even better and tick off a bucket list item. These videos are awesome and let's us see what it would be like. Thanks Trek. 😊

  7. For your next high-falutin first class Vlog, instead of wearing the complimentary pajamas, strip down to your "tighty whities" while leaving your socks on and meander about the cabin striking up casual conversations with the flight crew.

  8. Love your videos…let's me dream travel. 😊
    (…and no, I don't love your ripped jeans for first class 🤷‍♀️)

  9. Hi Treck, there was a hair on your caviar 7.15"
    thank you for your video, I always enjoy them !!!
    Best regards

  10. Good information but why dress like a slob? I thought I'd see some trendy clothes instead of torn jeans and a crappy sweatshirt.

  11. The moment you buy an plane ticket for 10k you literally lost any normal connection to money 😂

  12. You get what you pay for. usually. Who has the money to drop 10 grand on a flight? You would be surprised.
    Question: Who is Paying this individuals airfare? If I had millions to blow I could be all over You Tube showing people what they are missing. You know what they would say, " I would rather have the Money".

  13. These are great. More trips on La Première please! Couldn’t you send the steak back Will and ask for another? Surely at this price point you should send things back?

  14. Look, Pal, You don't fool me. Just because you wear a hoodie, need a shave, and look like a bum doesn't mean that I'm falling for your imitation proletariate persona. You're just another fake snobbish creep to me who found a good way to scam the world into giving him a free ride in the lap of luxury. Good gig if you can get it. As far as I'm concerned you are just a clever con man who found a to live way beyond his means.

  15. When you’re so broke you have to live through his life. Right before bed to so I can dream on.

  16. Mate, you need to buy new jeans for this, and yes, im writing this after seeing that you bought that travesty of wasted cloth for this flight.

  17. Economy after landing be like: Have a nice day, but hurry up and get the f**k out of our plane! Meanwhile shocked first class host in your private Audi over opening the door by yourself^^ :$

  18. At first I was surprised we shared the same surname, and then to my surprise again, we have the same first name too💀

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