10 Best Places to Retire in Mexico Comfortably

It’s no wonder that Mexico is one of the most popular retirement destinations for North American expatriates. Its’s vibrant culture, wonderful food, friendly people and amazing tourist attractions can be just a drive away. As a whole, the beautiful weather and beaches are a start, but Mexico also has a low cost of living. Furthermore, the wide range of lifestyle options is much different than in other countries. Some of the places to retire in Mexico already have established expat communities, while in some places foreigners are practically unheard of. A couple could retire with good accommodation and private health insurance for about $2,000 a month, or $23,00 a year. And, if you are from the U.S you might keep your health insurance plan from home, since you’re so close to the border.
So here are 10 Best Places to Retire in Mexico


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  1. We live on $1600/month….two people! In Puerto Vallarta, which is not cheap anymore for a really nice condo rental like we have…2+2 with a partial ocean view.

  2. Funny, when Mexican people come to the US they are called "immigrants"; when American people establish themselves in Mexico they call themselves "expats".

  3. I always love Mexico and Mexican people specially country look beautiful right now I try to find the best way to live there for 6 to 8 month per year

  4. I just came back from a 6 week stay in Playa del Carmen, actually Playacar. I have travelled extensively throughout the world so I believe my opinion should count. The good points are : Playacar ,NOT Playa del Carmen, is quiet and safe. It has good infrastructure and you get the feeling that you are one with nature despite all the new resorts rising up there .While we were there ,we read about gang related killings in Playa and nearby Cancun but Playacar had none of that.
    Another good point is that Cancun Airport, a very efficient airport ,is a 45 minute ride.
    People are generally friendly despite the harsh reality they have to live in .
    The beach is very nice when there are no seaweeds making it absolutely disgusting.
    Accommodation is generally pretty good .
    However ,there are also some very disturbing points.One of them is that you can't find a grocery store anywhere unless you go to the big mall of Chedraui or Walmart. There are countless drugstores( and I realize why) but not a greengrocer's anywhere in sight .
    Prices are EXORBITANT. I really can't understand how a poor Mexican living paycheck to paycheck can afford to live there. Of course when you have different prices for tourists from those of the locals you can understand what's going on. My partner had an ear infection and we went to a high-end clinic where they asked $489 for a simple consultation!!!! Of course they got nothing .
    One other thing is the near harassment by merchants on Avenida 5. You walk past and they keep pestering you to buy something. Overall a nice place to visit but most definitely not to retire there ( and I should know because I had considered doing that but Covid-19 put an end to that ).

  5. PUERTO VALLARTA offers: Most friendly people destination according to international rankings and publications, LGTB friendly destination, Lots of locals speaks english, lots of excellent restaurants, excellent hospitals, nearby mexican villages & colonial towns, as well as surrounding by farms & cooler climate villages within a 60 minutes distance, in addition is located within a short distance to the second most important Mexican City (GUADALAJARA), Mountains and Jungle nearby, luxurious hotels such as FOUR SEASONS, W, ST REGIS, ONE & ONLY, Etc., Important Cultural, Social & Arts scenery, University of Guadalajara CAMPUS, plus: PV has the MOST MEXICAN FLAVOR TOWN and more!

  6. I guess this is where being a Mexican American and having relatives in México is advantageous, they let me know when someone wants to sell their land, and if I have the cash I buy it. It just seems like their is an uptrend of people buying up land in México.

  7. I did some number crunching for Mazatlan for me and my dog: the est. daily cost will be about $79 of which Food is the greatest exp – $22, Rent is the next – $18, then Auto – $12 with the rest at $27 (Entertainment, Misc, Communications, Travel trailer (I have a payment but won't be taking it with me). These figures are based upon the past 18 mos in the U.S. with adjustments for Mazatlan. I'm a bean counter so I hope it's fairly correct. Yes, my food expense might be high and my lodging should be a little higher – but time will tell. I think my motto will tell it all: "Wine, Women and Warm climate).

  8. Interesting he picked Tulum as no. 1 when there is currently increasing drug cartel violence and tourists are being killed.

  9. The things are going to be more expensive cause the expats. I'm talking about the south, Monterrey is expensive no matter what.

  10. Morelia is in the Mexican state of Michoacán. The US State Department recommends US citizens not travel there due to the amount of violent crime.

  11. I’m Mexican, I do not like Morelia, LOVE Mérida, Queretaro, Ajijic, of course CDMX!! The best city in the WORLD! I have traveled all around the world and MEXICO CITY has everything and even more than the best cities in the world, even NY, and if you love museum, CDMX is one of the cities in the world with more museums

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